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Platinum Fashion Extravaganza          Sep 2002

Fawzia  Al-Nafea Fashion At "JANNA"
Platinum fashion extravaganza

Platinum's "New Years Eve Draw" at Janna Beit Mery January 2, 2002
Once again Platinum Resorts International and Janna provided guests a special New Year gift, to see them into the Year 2002. Guests eagerly sat in anticipation hoping they would be the lucky winner of a week for two persons to the dream island of Cyprus.
The "New Years Eve Draw" is a lottery draw whereby individuals or couples received lottery tickets and try their luck in winning the free vacation to Cyprus.
The evening started out with a full course traditional Lebanese dinner, which was followed by the midnight New Years Eve countdown. As the clock struck Twelve, guests adorned in masks and multi-styled colored hats, wished each other all the best for the coming year as a cloud of suspended balloons rained down upon them. The greetings and wishes were followed by the Platinum New Years Eve Draw that dazzled all those present. Never did the winner imagine that this night was their lucky night until the number was announced. It was another lucky winner in the Platinum promotions.
"We saw this as a great opportunity to create excitement during the evening as this a time when people celebrate the close of the old and the begining of the new" states Bassam Nakad, General Manager of Platinum Resorts International. What began as a marketing promotion has noe evolved into a traditional joint effort between Janna and Platinum in creating fun and exciting activities for the public. Platinum chose Janna as the perfect venue for their New Years Eve draw as the atmosphere of Janna is a constant reminder to a world that is within reach to each and every guest. "It seemed obvious that Janna was the perfect complement to our New Years Eve Draw," continued Nakad.
On the agenda this summer is "The Platinum Janna Fashion Show" as well as the much-anticipated "Miss Platinum Janna 2002" competition along with various entertaining evenings. Young ladies from the age of 18-25 will vie for the tile of "Miss Platinum Janna" entitling the holder of the crown to a range of luxurious prizes and to be the ambassadress for all Platinum activities.
Czech Mate for Lebanese Business   Apr 4 , 2001
Dr. Eva Fillipi receiving the plaque of gratitude from Mike and Viviane TolanA specialized symposium titled the "Czech Experience and Trends of Privatization in Lebanon" was held under the auspices of Prime Minister rafic Hariri at the carlton Hotel in Beirut and sponsored by the Czech - Slovak Alumni Association. Dr. Eva Fillipi, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lebanon was amongst the guests of honor and key speakers. CEO Mike Tolan and major shareholder Viviane Boulos-Tolan represented Platinum International, which has a branch in the Czech Republic providing travel and leisure services.
There is a growing interest with Czech nationals to come to Lebanon and even some who have intentions of forming business alliances with Lebanese companies. The issue of privatization is important to them, as they well remember what a positive impact it had on their own nations rebound to a stable economy. This will add to the stability and confidence that international investors need to see in a growing market such as Lebanon
Micheal Tolan, CEO of Platinum International shaking hands with Georges Beiruti of CSA (Czech Airlines) and to his right is Mr. Mark Juchumptal, Regional Sales and Operations Director in the Middle east for CSA. "This topic is of great interest to everyone," began Mike Tolan, "it brings Lebanon back on a world stage of economic growth and stability "That spells more and more tourists being confident to venture and Rediscover the country. Platinum sponsered the first official Czech-Lebanon Friendship Week in Lebanon last month in hopes to strenghten ties between the two nations." After the symposium, Mike Tolan and wife, Viviane Boulos-Tolan awarded Dr.Fillipi a plaque of gratitude for her support in the Czech-Lebanese Friendship Initiative.
A I'honner, I'amitié Libano - tchèque...grâce aux Tolan Apr 4 , 2001
Un groupe de sept journalistes tchéques triés sur le volet, dont trois de la télévision de Prague, a passé une semaine mémoarble au Liban, à l'invitation de Michael Tolan et de son épouse, Viviane Boulos. Le but? Renforcer les liens économiques, touristiques et culturels entre le Liban et la République tchéque après le succès de la participation de Platinum International à la foire mondiale "Holiday World Travel Exhibition 2001" où plus de 500 exposants étaient venus des quatre coins du monde et où leur stand "Rediscover Lebanon" fut le centre d'attraction.
En quoi consistait, exactement, cette "Semaine de l'amitié libano-tchèque" qui a reçu le soutien du parlement de Prague? Pour le groupe, point d'ancrage au "Sun City resort" à Ajaltoun et, en guise d'"Ahlan wa Sahlan", un déjeuner bien libanais offert par les Tolan au restaurant du téléphérique à Harissa, auquel ont pris part des hommes d'affaires et des représentants de alspresse libanaise. Aussi, les journalistes tchèques devaient-ils être reçus par les responsables libanais avec lesquels ils ont eu des entretiens fructueux: Fouad Sanioura, Najib, Karam Karam, Ghazi Aridi, Bassel Fleihan, respectivement ministres des Finances, des Travaux publics, du Tourisme, de l'Information, de l'Economie et du Commerce, ont promis de faire le maximum.
Venus dans le but de découvrir le Liban et de présenter plus tard à leurs compatriotes par le biais d'articles et de reportages à la télévision tchéque, les journalistes ont visité le centre-ville et plusieurs sites, notament Jeïta, Byblos et Baalbeck. En leur honneur, Eva Fillipi, ambassadeur de la République tchèque au Liban, a offert un déjeuner au "Mijana" couronnant cette semaine de l'amitié libano-tchèque qui, certainement, encouragera les businessmen à investir dans notre pays et à promouvoir la destination Liban auprès des ressortissants tchèques.

Czech-Lebanon Friendship Week
A new beginning to strengthen ties between Lebanon and the Czech Republic

On Thursday March 13th, 2001, seven journalists from the Czech Republic accompanied by the Economic and Commercial Counselor of Her Excellency Dr. Eva Filipi, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lebanon, Mr. Ivan Korcak, Mrs. Viviane Boulos-Tolan, major shareholder of Platinum International, and staff from Platinum began a long day of meetings with several ministries of the Lebanese government.

The first meeting took place with His Excellency Fouad Siniora, Minister of Finance. The TV crew and journalists from the Czech Republic were able to ask several questions regarding the financial current sector of Lebanon, and received first hand information regarding several concerns they had, such as privatization or investment prospects in Lebanon.

While meeting with His Excellency Ghazi Al Areedi, Minister of Information, the journalists were able to discuss the controversial issue regarding the closing of Télé Liban, as well as Lebanese censorship laws and the problem of illegal cable.

His Excellency Dr. Karam Kaam, Minister of Tourism, was more than happy to welcome the journalists. He discussed the problem of Czech nationals getting visas to enter Lebanon and agreed to work on fixing the problem to promote tourism from that region as well as all Eastern European countries. He also stated his commitment to strengthening ties between the two nations in order to foster growth of tourism and friendship.

Her Excellency Dr. Eva Filipi, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lebanon, was able to attend the meeting with His Excellency Dr. Najib Mikati, Minister of Transportation. The journalists were informed of the new regulations of car imports into Lebanon as well as the efforts to regulate ecologically friendly vehicles already existing in the country. The question of public transport was raised concerning building underground transportation as well as a railway line.

At the last meeting with his Excellency Dr. Bassel Fuleihan, Minister of Economy and Trade, the journalists learned about the economic state of Lebanon. They were informed that the national unemployment rate was at 15% and that many of the younger generation are finding themselves leaving Lebanon to find work. His Excellency Dr. Fuleihan informed the journalists that though this may be looked upon as something negative, Lebanon has always been a country that exports the youth, but he reassured that most of the time, they return with new ideas of the West, which in turn enriches the Lebanese culture.

The journalists ended the day of meetings with a luncheon hosted by her Excellency Dr. Eva Filipi, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Lebanon, at Al Mijana restaurant in Achrafieh, in honor of the Czech-Lebanon friendship Week. "This occasion is one in which we hope to continue in the coming years," stated Viviane Boulos-Tolan. "We are very pleased with how the week has been going and we are encouraged to continue working on increasing the positive awareness of the rebirth of Lebanon, which we hope will increase the country's tourist value". 

If you would like more information about the Czech-Lebanon Friendship Week, please visit the Platinum website at or e-mail